Why can't I lose weight

Why can't I lose weight? I have heard this question many times and I want to tell you that you can lose weight real quick and keep it off, but you need to know some facts about a healthy diet plan that supply your body with its needs without gaining weight.

I often see people who are overweight blame their situation on their genetics and argue that his body so that you have is a disease and can do little to change it.
It is true that if you've always been slightly overweight no doubt in part be due to your genetics.
In fact, the number of fat cells you have and the ability of your body to store calories as fat tissue are genetically determined by three factors...
  • The amount of fat cells that your parents had
  • The amount of weight gained when your mother was pregnant with you (especially in the third quarter)
  • The amount of fat you gained during your teenage years
In short ... The more overweight you are, the harder it will lose and the more fat cells you have inherited and developed during your teen easier to have your body fat.
In fact, your weight is more caused by "inherited habits" than genetic factors.
You'll see ... Remember when I said that an overweight teenager has up to 60% chance of maintaining or increasing the overweight for the rest of your life?

What if we add what usually the vast majority of people who are overweight do  ... overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. Aha, then the 60% probability becomes a ... 99%!

What does this "inherited habits"?
You see, although genetics also plays a role in overweight, are those "inherited habits" which cause the greatest damage and you have to completely eradicate if you want to lose weight successfully and achieve your ideal figure.

What Can I Do To Lose Weight?

First of all you do not need to count calories to lose weight as it is a very bad idea, because counting calories is miserable, depressing, and time overwhelming and totally unnecessary, But because I told you don’t count calories, doesn’t mean that you go freely and eat up whatever you want. So, don’t be so activated, you need to be aware of what you consume.

I f you want to follow a balanced diet plan read my review about The diet solution program, continue reading this article for great tips about weight loss programs.

Here’s the point I will tell you what to eat and what to avoid and why, so you will have a balanced diet that gives your body its needs without extra calories.

Unfavorable foods to avoid:

Avoid processed foods, aside from it loads your body with extra calories that is difficult for your body to consume, they will fill you up with toxins. These foods are risky for your health, for example it contains transformed fat. This component decreases the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in your blood, and increases the level of bad cholesterol (LDL).

It is now known that processed junk is a major cause of obesity and responsible for increasing prevalence of cardiovascular disease which is a chief cause of death all over the world. Our body was not programmed or designed to deal with toxins in refined processed foods
Stay away from sugar, sugar is virtually in everything, it’s easy to consume lots of sugar, but, you need to know that sugar carry harm to your health status. it contains lots of calories that will be converted to fat and stored in your body and it cause immune system depression , supply cancer cells with nutrients , consume your insulin and can lead to Diabetes Mellitus , and make you look older . You need to stay away from sugar, if your purpose is to keep slim. This is a very important point if you want to lose weight real quick and keep it off

Don't use artificial sweeteners, avoid these chemical substances, actually these products are lab-made. the real truth about sweeteners used in low calorie products and diet drink is that it increase your appetite and make you feel hungry and eat more , beside it can cause many neuropsychiatric disorders like Alzheimer’s disease , depression , anxiety , and memory problems

Favorable foods:

Choose natural and organic products; keep everything always as natural as possible. Always keep using healthy ingredients. Natural foods include fresh products, lean meat, fish, raw nuts and whole eggs. These foods are not loaded with preservatives or transformed fats which are very dangerous for human use.
Always use organic fresh fruits and vegetables for your diet on a daily basis. This will provide your body with essential vitamins and minerals which are very impotent for your immune system. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain fiber which helps your bowel to work regularly and decrease fat absorption through gastrointestinal tract.
Use real butter, coconut oil or olive oil instead of vegetable fats and oils. You can use them for deep frying especially coconut oil and use real butter for sautéing.
ATTENTION! Do not try a Starvation Diet. It is very dangerous as it carries many health hazards. You will not get enough your body requirements of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, and this can lead to easy fatigability, general weakness, multi-organ failure and hair loss. Your body depends on essential nutrients for its fuel, so when you starve yourself, your body will switch to starvation mode and decrease metabolism rate and your body will keep fats stored to economize the use of its energy. So, starvation decreases fat burning process.

why can't I lose weight
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Why can't I lose weight:

    5 Reasons why you can't lose weight
    •  The quality of the diet and junk food. Today there is hardly time to buy food to cook, much less to monitor your daily diet. We eat what we catch out there first, while making other things like work, drive or care for children. The power is weakened and increasingly turned to products very energetic, full of fat and sugars, including the multitude of frozen and precooked dishes, frying or heated quickly in the microwave, which we find in the supermarket. Doing this occasionally, but abuse can ruin a good diet.
    why can't I lose weight

      • The pecking. It is one of the most important in weight loss. There are people who feed exclusively on this: do not sit around the table, but they graze all day. And one big problem is that when you go to the fridge or the pantry does not usually take an apple or a carrot, but what he would like: a bit of cheese with bread, a bun, French fries ... food often alone contain all the calories to be taken throughout the day.
      •  Too much TV. It is very common for children and adolescents spend hours in front of the TV. The problem is that it has proven that it can cause significant health problems in adult life, from obesity and poor physical condition, an addiction to snuff and elevated cholesterol levels. In general, homes in which they watch television during meals, children eat more red meat and pizzas, drink more soft drinks and consume fewer fruits and vegetables. They are more susceptible to the constant bombardment of food advertising. Nutrition experts advise parents to limit TV time for children to no more than an hour or two hours a day, and always do it outside the hours of lunch or dinner.

      • Stop smoking. It is true that, by abandoning the habit of smoking, you will gain weight (metabolism slows down due to lack of nicotine, which stimulates it), but there are several studies that show that the peak kilos maximum of six months after quit, and that many people regain their normal weight in the first or second years. If you are thinking about quitting, these tips will be very useful to prevent weight gain: do exercise regularly, dedicating more than two hours a week, five days before quitting, start writing down your daily meals, once noted, compare them with earlier to see what time you eat more or have more anxiety, and the types of food eaten, in difficult times try chopping fruit or a snack that has little fat. 
      why can't I lose weight
        • The inactivity. With the hectic lives we lead, it is increasingly difficult to exercise, and use cars, elevators and all kinds of advances to reduce our movements, so we always complaining why can't I lose weight . Physical exercise is more than proven that when regularly practiced is very beneficial to the body, for all ages.

        Why can't I lose weight?

        Weight loss is not just stopping eating. The way we eat is as important as what you eat, and often must explore feelings to find out what lies behind the overweight: anxiety? Are you afraid to face your problems? Therefore, in addition to balance the intake of snacks and forget to take good eating habits, we must take into account two other pillars that are real smart dietary supplements, regular exercise
        · Stress eating, eat out of boredom
        · Avoid snacks.
        ·Remember the importance of consistency in food
        why can't I lose weight ? Who has not ever had this question ... We get hardly noticed kilos, but losing is always very difficult. In the many factors influencing overweight, we give you the keys to losing weight with health.

        why can't I lose weight

        Before starting a diet, consider if you're really motivated, or to lose weight and maintain that loss long term. It is not easy, because it involves changes in nutritional habits and life, incorporating daily exercise. Make a list of reasons why you want to lose extra weight. Take a picture of "before" it is very satisfying to see the difference as you complete what you set out. The objective is to achieve a gradual weight loss and learn good nutritional habits. You should not lose more than a kilo a week, otherwise, in addition to fat; you're also losing water and lean tissue. And you should weigh yourself only once every seven days.
        It is helpful to make a food diary and write down everything you eat each day.  Also notes the time that you do and what happens at that time.
        You should exercise regularly. No need to be a strenuous sport, it's about incorporating activity into your daily life: use the car less, ignores the elevator, walk when you go to work or run errands. Dancing is a very helpful exercise.

        We are what we eat

        Our life is a contradiction, we want to be thin but do not exercise, we want to be healthy but do not eat well, we want to be happy, but we strive to be the opposite, hence not surprising that even though we know enough not comply with a series of simple rules that would make us feel much better both internally to externally

        We still do not understand that there is indeed a direct association between diet and health, making it possible to say that food is one of the main ways to stay healthy and prevent diseases directly related to our way of eating

        • Abundance of plant foods: fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, rice, cereals, vegetables and potatoes
        • Seasonal products in their natural state, always choosing the freshest
        • Consume a moderate amount of dairy products, mainly yogurt and cheese
        • Eat plenty of fish and eggs in moderation
        • More desirable white meat (chicken, turkey and rabbit) by removing visible fat
        • Red meat (beef, pork, lamb) would have to consume in moderation and processed meats (sausages, burgers, frankfurters)
        • Use olive oil as main fat for cooking and for dressing
        • Fresh fruit should be the usual dessert.
        • Drink plenty of plain water or herbal teas.
        • Moderate consumption of salt and use herbs as a healthy alternative
        • Eliminate the use of industrial pastries and cakes to be rich in saturated fat
        • Conduct daily physical activity as essential complement to healthy eating.
        • Do not forget or skip any meal. It is advisable to make 5 meals (breakfast, mid morning, lunch, snack and dinner) avoiding high-energy foods and reducing portion sizes.

        Diets that promise quick weight loss are not effective, failing to establish changes in eating habits and not allow further maintenance of weight loss. NO fad diets


        • The heat of cooking destroys vitamins. So it is desirable to consume at least one serving of vegetables a day.
        • To maintain the nutritional value of vegetables is better to cook in a double boiler or steam, boil because if we dilute some of their minerals. When using the technique of boiling, use of small amounts of water, cut into large chunks and cook the right time.
        • It is healthier to eat fruits and vegetables with their skin, well washed.
        • Eggs should be cooked in boiling water for a minimum of 10-12 min.
        • The techniques of healthy cooking meats are grilled, roast and boiled, they do not require the use of fats.
        • For a healthier frying must: use plenty of olive oil, enter the food when the oil is hot and the final place on absorbent paper.
        • It is advisable to mix different types of oils used many times and no oil frying

        Misconceptions (why can't I lose weight)
        • The bread is fattening. Rich in carbohydrates, the fundamental basis of the Mediterranean diet, increasing your calories is what accompanies it: jams, sausages, butter, sauces ...
        • Fruit for good dessert. The order does not affect energy intake. The advantage to consume before meals is that thanks to their fiber content and water produces satiety effect.
        • You need to take vitamin supplements to meet their needs. With a varied and balanced the needs are covered.
        • Drinking water during meals makes you fat. Water is the only food calorie-free, i.e. does not provide you with any energy. Drinking water before meals can produce satiety.
        • Combine carbohydrates and protein fat.
        • The "light" thin. A light is the one product that you have reduced your calories (30%) compared with the light version of the same food.

        why can't I lose weight

        How To Lose Fluid/Water Weight Overnight - Is it really possible?

        How to lose fluid/water weight overnight - Is it really possible? The short answer is: you can’t lose weight overnight. Well, you can, but not a great amount. The maximum amount you can safely lose per week, to see a lasting and healthy weight loss is 2-3 pounds.

        How to lose fluid weight overnight?

        Remember that losing weight through fluid loss is unhealthy. it is important to note that you will lose water, not fat. So while you may lose some kilos, the amount of fat in your body will remain the same. Up to 70% of our body weight is water. Side effects and risks of body fluid depletion include headaches, irritability, weakness, and you are looking fatigue.

        How to lose water weight overnight

        You have to drink more water to lose weight: Believe or not, you can lose about 7-10 extra pounds just by drinking plenty of water. How? If you do not drink enough water daily, your body will store water inside so that to meet any shortage of water in the future. Your body does not hold up like this if you believe that there is an abundance of water. To ensure that this fullness of body, you should drink at least eight glasses of water per day!

        What you really want is to set small goals to say, one week, two weeks or a month. If you want to lose 3 pounds at the end of the week, and to consistently lose 3 pounds a week, you will have lost 12 pounds by the end of the month. This is a realistic, achievable goal that is manageable for both body and mind.

        How to lose fluid weight overnight:

        Technically, once you start the weight loss, you do lose weight overnight. When you sleep, you're in the fasting state, where you cannot consume anything and your body is using stored resources to work. (Yes, you burn calories while you sleep.) That's why people often wake up hungry, and why breakfast is named. They break the fast you started while you were asleep. This is how to lose fluid weight overnight.

        The fastest weight loss (which will contain some water weight) is by clicking on a detoxification diet or fasting. During this time you will only consume food, usually in the form of liquids such as soup, juice and water. This gives your body the calories it needs to continue to work well, but you are using the stored glycogen reserves - and once these are gone, your body will start depending on the fat. You lose weight overnight (and sometimes actually fat), but you risk losing muscle as well.

        However, fasting is difficult for a whole week or even a day, especially in our world of constant food temptations. If you are fasting, but to people who eat, you are that much more sensitive to the smell of food, which in turn stimulates your appetite.

        Remember, the best and safest way to lose weight, good nutrition and exercise program to find, or take the time to formulate one for you. Keeping a good motto when trying to lose weight is to: secure, healthy, and patience.

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        weight loss plan does not work !

        With so many facts and fictions about weight loss, it is not surprising that people are confused about what advice to follow. Although this article is not intended as a comprehensive source of information about what is true and false about weight loss, we hope to help you distinguish myths from facts
        why can't I lose weight

        Low-Fat diet does not even work.
        You can't lose weight using Low Fat Diet. Low-fat foods have been used for more than 15 years, but our society is becoming increasingly overweight with each passing year. This fact alone should tell you that eating a strict low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight.
        Low Calorie diet does not even work.

        It will be difficult to lose weight using a Low Calorie Diet Plan. In fact, eating fewer calories is the worst thing you can do to your body, because only do slow the fat burning engine and ruin the chances of losing weight (low calorie diets can lose a few kilos of weight in the first days, but after that all weight loss stops - known as a stalemate in the diet). You can never be starving yourself thin.

        Low carb Plan does not work.
        You'll probably find very difficult to lose weight using a Plan Low Carb Diet and you will always wondering why can't I lose weight . Low carb diets have become very popular over the last two years, but the problem with low carb menus is that they are very strict and TOO HARD TO FOLLOW for average people. Low carb menus tend to rob your body much energy (carbohydrates) and make it nearly impossible to remain in the program for a long time. This is the reason why many people who choose to follow this diet find it difficult to follow a strict low carbohydrate menu.
        The diet is not enough to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is as clear as that. Having been on a diet for some time, even if there had been positive; there is always a point where even if you do not eat at all (which is not at all recommended), your body will not use more of their reserved fat and can't lose a gram. At this point, or better yet from the beginning, you must include exercise, because diet alone can't burn enough fat.
        Herbal products are not completely safe. Although herbal products are not synthetic pills, a drug still probably have a lot of undesirable side effects. The herbal products can be dangerous and that are sold in the market is not a guarantee that will not harm your health.
        People are different, and diets and exercise are no exception. Although there are no universally true facts about diet and exercise, most of the time, success and sustainable weight loss is achieved when you work seriously, and diets and exercises are tailored to your needs.

        why can't I lose weight

        Fat burning carbs

        In this article I will reveal three major carbohydrates, Fat burning carbs, that make you lose your  belly fat fast . In this article you'll learn a bit about how you can get the body to start an effective fat burning so you can get rid of the excess fat

        Burning fat, the royal road to physical fitness.
        There are three major carbohydrates choices that you add to your fat loss diet.

        Fat burning carbs.
        This is the first source of carbohydrates.  Oatmeal is almost no sugar, low fat, and it contains a good amount of protein and provides more fiber than most cereals.

        Oatmeal really stay in your stomach, so that you do not feel hungry right after eating it. If oatmeal, you'll be able to get to your next meal in your diet without suffering hunger pains.

        Serve with cinnamon sugar or maple syrup with a small amount of natural protein powder for best results.

        Fat burning carbs:
        Brown rice
         This is the second source of carbohydrates, which is great for burning fat. Brown rice is best suited for those trying to burn fat.

        Brown rice contains fewer calories than pasta, it does for those who prefer a side dish other than vegetables and can afford the calories, and it is a good choice.

        Make sure to prepare it without butter, or you do not receive benefits.

        Sweet potatoes
          Finally, the third source of carbohydrates is to add to your diet to lose weight are yams. These are lower in calories than normal potatoes digest slowly in the body and Because of its sweet taste, many people can actually kill cravings so you can fight fraud in their diet program. This is one of the best Fat burning carbs

        so put these three carbohydrates taken into account. The time you have to practice diet control is no reason why you can not include in your diet.

        Reasons why you can't lose weight

        Doctors hear this all the time: "I'm on a diet all the time, but I cannot lose a kilo." For many people weight loss is frustrating. No matter how hard you try to look, nothing changes.

        What is happening? Identify the problem is part of the solution.
        why can't I lose weight

        Many of your social gatherings include food.

        Many and overspread fast food restaurants
        We do less activity than in the past.
        Find it normally unacceptable to be hungry.
        We do not understand how to maintain weight.
        We forget that we eat extra calories every day.

        It is important to remember that when we consume fewer calories, have a tendency to do less activity that affects our biological program likely to preserve our body weight.

        Clear facts about losing weight

        Many people think that losing weight is like emptying a bag empty the bag today, tomorrow, after tomorrow and will eventually be empty. When we reduce our consumption of food, our bodies try to absorb and keep more calories the next time we eat in excess

        The simplest rule to lose weight is that you consistently burn more calories than you gain on a daily basis, any diet can work while calorie intake is low. A balanced diet with small amounts of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meat or fish is healthy. If you still eat more and exercise less, the weight will return immediately.

        Everyone can lose weight, but not all will be weak and inquiring why can't I lose weight. We can reach our normal weight and come to accept, we can enjoy food too long as it is balanced with exercise.

        Seven days of Fat Burning Diet

        After three days if the beam followed without cheating, you are going to lose between 2.5 and 3 kilos.

        For the weekend, if you have not cheated, you must have fallen between 7.5 and 8.5 kilos.

        Do not diet continuously, but two days rest (but beware), and then starts again.
        This plan can be used as often as you want, and if you follow correctly, will clean your system and make you feel better.

        Day One

        Eat only soup and fruit, except bananas, melon. Watermelon is recommended for are fruits with fewer calories.
        Remember; take only juices, tea, coffee without sugar and water.

        Day Two

        This day is pure vegetable.
        Eat fresh vegetables, steamed, canned or raw.
        Eat as much as you can of green leafy vegetables. Do not eat beans, lentils, and corn.

        Eat vegetables at the same soup.

        At night rewards you with a large baked potato with a little butter if you want or olive oil.

        This day does not eat fruit.

        Day Three

        This day is the combination of the two, all day fruits and vegetables, except bananas.

        At night do not add potatoes.

        Day Four

        Use only fat burning soup, bananas and skim milk.

        Eat three bananas and two 8-ounce glasses of skim milk and as many glasses of water as you want.

        The bananas on this day are to help you not to fall into the temptation of sweets.

        Day Five

        Today eat meat.

        You can eat up to half a kilo of lean meat (the pole without the skin) and five fresh tomatoes.

        You have to take between five and eight glasses of water to eliminate uric acid which gives the meat.

        Take the fat burning soup at least once this day.

        Day Six
        This is a day of vegetables and meat: Eat until you are filled up with meat and vegetables.

        If you want you can eat a good steak for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat lots of meat with salad, but no potatoes.

        Don't forget to eat the soup once per day.

        Now to end the week, eat brown rice (with skin, medium brown), natural fruit juices and vegetables. Fill up again. Remember the soup at least once a day.

        Fat burning soup recipe

        6 large onions
        3 to 4 peppers (or chili)
        1 or 2 bunch of celery
        1 can of tomatoes or whole tomatoes, peeled 28 ounces (6 tomatoes or tomatoes)
        1 cabbage
        1 to 2 chicken bouillon cube

        If you want you can add salt, pepper, curry or salsa

        Cut vegetables into small pieces and put them in a large pot with tomatoes and chicken bouillon. Boil all for 10 minutes and reduce heat until vegetables are tender

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        Weight maintenance after your 40th

        After your fortieth is harder to keep your figure slim and weight continue for a number of factors that change in your body. It may cost a bit more effort, but it is not impossible. 


        After the fortieth you will change some things in your body. Your cells regenerate more slowly, your muscle mass decreases, your hormonal changes. It takes more effort to keep the same weight and not to come. And if a gain weight, you need more effort to lose them again. 

        Slower metabolism

        Your body needs energy to function, even if your body is at rest. Your basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the number of calories you burn when your body is at rest. This BMR is different for everyone depending on your gender, weight, height, etc. After your fortieth, your basal metabolic rate is lower. To be precise, take your metabolism after your fortieth every 10 years by 5%. To give an example: You are a woman of 40 and your BMR is 1400 calories. 

        Other Food

        The solution is here and it is very simple. The number of calories you burn must exceed the number of calories you eat through your diet. But you must now get fewer calories for the same weight. That does not mean you should eat less, you can also choose to eat differently. Deepen your example in the Mediterranean diet. Replace unhealthy fats with healthy fats and carbohydrates by fast slow carbohydrates. 

        Do not even think about the diet

        To follow a diet to lose some extra weight is definitely not the best option. Changing your life require changing in your lifestyle is. Make sure you use that many calories and good nutrients let empty calories such as sweets, cakes and snacks as many left. 

        More exercise

        Another need is more exercise, and not just because it burns calories you. After you reach your fortieth; your muscle mass decreases. And if you, like most especially a sedentary, your muscles will disappear quickly. And the more muscle you have, the higher your basal metabolic rate (BMR). You lose muscle mass then your BMR even lower, unless you put them to work. A combination of cardio and some strength training is working the best. 

        Good balance

        It is not just about looking good to keep seeing. A healthy weight contributes to your health. Try a good balance between healthy diet and exercise, then you succeed sure to maintain your weight, even after you are forty.